That Insurance Company Irritation: Why The Insurance Company Bothers Accident Victims – And What To Do About It!

If you were hurt in an accident that you didn't cause, one of the first people you'll hear from is the insurance company representative for the person that caused the accident. The insurance company is going to be very eager to get your claim settled as quickly as possible, thus their quick contact. This contact can get irritating pretty quickly, but you should not allow yourself to be pressured. You don't need to get deeply involved in negotiations right away, or even to respond to them if you don't want to. Below, you can find out why the insurance company bugs you – and what you can do about it.

Why They Bother You: Different Goals

All of the medical bills, costs of lost work time, and other costs associated with your injury can (and should!) be compensated. However, you have to go through the insurance company for that compensation. Your goal may simply be fair compensation, but the insurance company doesn't have the same goals that you do.

In fact, their goal is generally to compensate you as little as possible. They may use any means necessary to achieve that goal as quickly as they can. The more that you speak with insurance representatives, the higher the chances that they can wear you down and manipulate you into settling for a fraction of what you deserve. They know this, and it's the main reason that they bother you with continual contact.

Bottom Line: The less you talk to the insurance company, the better. You can get an expert to handle that for you. 

What You Can Do: Get Expert Legal Help

Insurance company irritation is one big reason that hiring a personal injury lawyer can be truly invaluable in this situation. The lawyer will immediately take over all contact with the insurance company as soon as you hire them. When you get phone calls, letters, or any other contact from the insurance company (or from the person who caused the accident) you should refer them straight to the attorney.

Insurance companies tend to look at individuals in a completely different way than they perceive personal injury lawyers. While the insurance company has a good chance of manipulating an individual into a fast sub–par settlement, that isn't the case with a lawyer.  A good personal injury attorney will negotiate very aggressively for as long as it takes to get the damages their client deserves. If the insurance company won't cooperate with a fair settlement, the injury lawyer won't hesitate to file a lawsuit.

No insurance company wants to deal with a case that drags on for a long time. It's a waste of their time and resources. They know your lawyer will pursue fair compensation as long and as hard as necessary, and this means that you'll end up with much better offers, and often much faster.

Bottom Line: The more quickly you call a personal injury lawyer, the faster you'll get the insurance company off your back, and the faster you'll get fair compensation for your damages!

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