What Happens When Faulty Tires Cause A Car Accident?

If you were involved in a car accident because one of your tires on your car was faulty, you might need to sue the tire manufacturer or tire shop to settle this matter. This type of accident can be complicated, especially if you caused the accident and if other people were injured. If you can prove that the accident occurred because of a tire malfunction, you might end up receiving a settlement instead of paying one out.

Your responsibility

While it is your responsibility to make sure your car and its tires are in good working condition before you drive, you may assume that you are doing the responsible thing when you purchase new tires. You can assume that the tires you purchased were brand new and in perfect condition, and you can assume the tire shop installed them properly. What is not your responsibility is whether these tires are faulty, or whether they were installed improperly.

Proving fault

If one of your tires blew out or popped off the car, the other parties involved in the accident will most likely come after you for damages. They will assume the accident was your fault, because you were the one driving the vehicle that caused the accident.

The problem is that if there was a problem with the tires or the installation of the tires, it really would not be your fault. You might have just paid hundreds of dollars for these tires, but this still leaves you in a problematic situation. You will have to find evidence to prove that the tires were faulty if you want to avoid losing this case.

To prove this, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will investigate the tires and the tire shop and will hopefully be able to find evidence that proves your case.

The end result

While the other party might sue you for causing the accident, you will have the right to sue the tire shop or tire manufacturer (depending on who is at fault). If you have enough evidence, you should have no problem winning this case and recovering money for your damages, and for the damages of the other party.

Car accident cases can be complicated, especially when they are caused by things like faulty tires. If you would like to learn more about your rights regarding the accident you were in, contact a personal injury lawyer like Kornfeld Robert B Inc PS today.

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