What You Need To Know Before Filing A Workers Compensation Claim For PTSD

A post-traumatic stress disorder isn't only something that happens to those that have gone to war and returned. It's a disorder that can affect anyone. In addition, your job can represent the cause of your PTSD. It can happen for any number of reasons, and your job is the cause, then you can file a workers compensation claim.

How Your Job Can Cause PTSD

PTSD can occur in individuals who witness or experience anything traumatic. However, trauma affects everyone different. What's traumatic to one person won't seem traumatic to another. At work, you may witness or experience something that represents a traumatic experience. Or, something may stress you to such an extent that it triggers the disorder. For example,

  • Witnessing an accident at the construction site
  • Dealing with the results of violence as an EMT
  • Surviving an assault while at work

All of these things can lead to PTSD. And while many of these sound like extreme cases, it doesn't mean that all situations that lead to PTSD are.

The Problems With PTSD When Filing a WC Claim

The main issue with making a compensation claim for PTSD is that it's often difficult to prove that the job was the cause of the PTSD. That's because

  • PTSD is considered a mental condition
  • PTSD symptoms can take months to show up
  • PTSD symptoms aren't always easy to recognize

The fact that it's considered a mental condition can be a major hurdle. The way each state treats mental conditions can vary. Even the things they acknowledge as a mental condition can vary.

For example, some will consider things like stress or depression as disorders in their own rights and pay compensation. Some other states will only consider these things if they stem from an actual physical injury.

PTSD symptoms encompass many individual mental conditions. When you claim PTSD rather than one of those individual symptoms, like depression, then you typically have to show that a single event caused it.

What You Can Do About It

Just because pursuing a claim for PTSD can become difficult, that doesn't mean it's impossible. There are a few things you can do to help your case.

  • Seek medical attention for any symptoms
  • Continue to see professionals and have them document your symptoms
  • Seek treatment, not just evaluation

You will need professional opinions to prove you suffer from what you say you suffer from. But more importantly, you will deal with your condition, which is a serious one. Even if you don't or cannot file a claim, it's important to seek treatment for PTSD for your own well-being.

In addition, you should definitely speak to a workers compensation lawyer about your claim. They can help you work through your claim the right way. They will know which step will represent the most difficult one for you.

PTSD isn't cut-and-dry, it's complicated. You will need someone who understands that and knows how to help you receive the funds you need to take care of it.

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