4 Situations That Contribute To Motorcycle Accidents

If you own a motorcycle, it is vital that you understand what can contribute to you getting into an accident. By being aware of the type of situations that contribute to motorcycle accidents, you can take steps to protect yourself when you ride. 

#1 Riding In The Blind Spot

One of the most common situations that contributes to accidents involving motorcycles involves riding in other vehicles blind spots. Since your motorcycle is small and agile, a driver may easily not notice you on the road before you enter their blind spot. 

Try your best when you ride to never be in another vehicle's blind spot. If you are, try to get out of that area as quickly and safely as possible. Also, avoid dipping in and out of traffic, which can contribute to other vehicle's not being aware of your presence and not knowing that you entered their blind spot.

#2 Speed Wobbles

When you ride your motorcycle at high speeds, the chance of experiencing a speed wobble increases significantly. 

A speed wobble happens when you are riding at high speeds and your front tire is not able to keep up with the demand you are putting on your motorcycle. When that happens, your front tire starts to wobble, which can be incredibly hazardous as high speeds. It can be difficult to react and can lead to an accident.

You can easily prevent this by only riding your bike within the acceptable limits of its capacity and not pushing it past what it is designed to do. 

#3 Heavy Traffic

The third situation that contributes to motorcycle accidents, and vehicle accidents overall, is heavy traffic. When traffic is really heavy, it requires that drivers be more attentive to what is happening around them. Even a distraction that lasts only a couple of seconds can have serious consequences in heavy traffic. 

When you have to ride in heavy traffic, drive defensively and be hyper aware of your surroundings. Follow the speed limit and give yourself as much room as possible between you and other vehicles. 

#4 Unstable Road Surfaces

Finally, the fourth situation that contributes to motorcycle accidents are unstable road surfaces. Motorcycles have less tire tread to navigate unstable road surfaces than larger passenger and commercial vehicles.

When you ride, keep an eye out for things that interfere with the road surface, such as oil, sand and gravel. Try to avoid driving on these surfaces and avoid routes that you know have unstable or inconsistent road surfaces. If you have to drive on these types of roads, slow down your speed and reduce how much you lean when turning and changing lanes. 

If you ever do get into a motorcycle accident, even after being aware of and taking precaution against the four situations listed above, you should contact a motorcycle attorney right away. They can work with you to ensure that you get the compensation you need to pay for any injuries you sustain as part of the accident. Click here for info about motorcycle accidents. 

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