Internal Injuries From Car Accidents: Examples And Proof

If you are a victim of an auto accident, then you may have a harder time proving your internal injuries than external injuries. Below is an overview of internal injuries and what you can do to prove them.

Common Internal Injuries

Auto accidents can lead to all manner of internal injuries. The extent of the accident and the affected part of the body are some of the factors that determine the internal injuries you might experience. Below are some of these injuries.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding occurs if a blow to the body ruptures an internal blood vessel. Internal bleeding can lead to various complications depending on the severity of the bleeding and the affected vessel. For example, internal bleeding can starve a vital organ of blood and lead to blood failure.

Injuries to Internal Organs

A serious blow to the body can also cause damage to vital organs such as the spleen, kidney, heart, and lungs, among others. The injuries can be life-threatening, depending on the affected organ. For example, injuries to the heart and lungs can affect blood circulation and respiratory functions, respectively.


The head can also experience internal injuries, and a concussion is one of them. A concussion occurs when the brain experiences bruises due to blows to the skull. The complications depend on the extent of the bruising. 

Required Proof

Proving internal injuries is a bit complicated because the defendant, judge, or jury typically finds the visualization of internal injuries difficult.  Below are some of the ways you can prove your internal injuries.

Expert Witness

An expert witness will use the external injuries, nature of the accident, and other factors to explain to the court your internal injuries. An expert witness can also use everyday language to explain the medical jargon in your medical records.

The Severity of the Accident

It is possible to walk out of a serious accident with minor injuries and sustain serious injuries in a fender bender. However, those are the exceptions rather than the rule. In many cases, the extent of the injuries reflects the severity of the crash. Thus, you can use the severity of the crash to prove why you have the internal injuries you are claiming.

Medical Records

Using your medical records is probably the best way to prove internal injuries. This is because medical doctors have diagnostic tools they can use to identify and treat internal injuries. The diagnosis and treatment will end up in your medical records, which is why the records are some of the best pieces of evidence in auto accident cases.

For more information, call a car accident lawyer.

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