The Process Of Filing A Claim With A Commercial Vehicle Insurance Provider

Due to the size and weight of a commercial truck, the cost of a commercial truck accident can be much higher. For this reason, commercial vehicle insurance providers have much higher policy limits and the process of filing a claim with a commercial insurance provider can be much more difficult. 

The Initial Claim Process

After the accident, you will need to contact a commercial vehicle wreck attorney for help. Your attorney will inform the commercial insurance provider about your commercial insurance claim in a manner that is less likely to be used against you. 

The commercial insurance provider will want to know about the incident. They may also ask for a written or recorded statement. This is almost always unnecessary and is simply used with the hope that you will make a statement that could later be used to deny your claim.

For example, the insurance provider might ask the same question several times with the hope that you will give a different answer so you can then be accused of misrepresenting your claim. Instead, you should have this part of your case handled by your lawyer.

The Investigation

The insurance adjuster will investigate your claim and will look for evidence with which to deny your claim if possible. They may look for evidence to justify a very low-ball insurance offer with the hope that you will accept it. The insurance provider is usually being dishonest and you will be able to negotiate a much higher settlement with an experienced commercial vehicle wreck attorney.

In addition, you will be able to conduct your own investigation to make sure that you are able to maximize your compensation. For example, your commercial vehicle wreck attorney can uncover hours of service violations, poor maintenance records, or evidence that the driver was in poor health and should not have been allowed on the road.

Settlement Negotiations

Settlement negotiations can take a very long time and are often not resolved until after you have filed a lawsuit and the case is about to begin. The best role for you to play in your case is to focus on your recovery.

To receive the largest settlement possible, you will need assistance from an attorney who has close attention to detail and a firm understanding of the law and who will be able to build a sound strategy for countering the efforts of the commercial insurance provider to reduce your settlement. 

Reach out to a law firm, such as Frenkel & Frenkel, to learn more about your options.

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