Get Clipped By A Drunk Driver On Your Motorcycle? Act Fast And Get Represetnation

If you are trying to recover from an injury that is a result from a motorcycle accident, and the accident was caused by a drunk driver, it's time to consider legal representation. The medical expenses from and stress you must deal with deserve compensation.

There are attorneys that specialize in cases specifically related to auto and motorcycle accidents, and that can work quickly to help victims. Here are the things that the lawyer will want to have when you go for your first appointment.

Police Evidence and Documentation

There will be a police report filed if the authorities showed up to the accident and cited the other driver. Your lawyer will look at what the other driver was charged with at the scene and use this as evidence for the case. Eyewitness statements involving the accident are also important. Bring copies of these in advance if you can get access to them to save time.

Medical Injury Information

You want very detailed information about your injuries. This leaves no confusion about the severity, diagnosis from medical professionals and recovery information. Bring with you the following:

  • Images, scans, x-rays and other test results from the accident and injuries
  • Medical statements from doctors with each diagnosis
  • Surgery and treatment information
  • Future therapy and medical needs

Not only do you want all the evidence from the injuries, but also the cost. Bring all of the bills that you have for the current time, and the lawyer may want to project future expenses that are ahead of you.

Indirect Expenses from the Accident

When your life is turned upside down from an accident you will end up with other expenses. This could be:

  • Loss of wages and income while recovering
  • Late fees or interest on bills that can't be paid on time
  • Home renovation expenses if arrangements must be made for mobility around the home
  • The cost to replace or repair the motorcycle

Compile all of the expenses and bills that have resulted because of this accident, so you can get the settlement that truly reflects what the accident cost you.

If you were following the laws and driving responsibly on your motorcycle when a drunk driver got too close and hit you, you want to find a lawyer that can quickly act on your case. Document everything and be sure that you keep all bills, statements and receipts throughout your recovery process and the case.

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