5 Ways Your Auto Accident Story Is Told By The Vehicles

Some auto accidents have plenty of witnesses who can help reconstruct what happened. However, others have few or no observers to tell the story. How, then, can you prove your version of events in a lawsuit? The answer may be in the story the vehicles can tell. 

How? Here are five ways your car and any others give information about what happened. 

1. Onboard Data

Most cars and trucks today have an electronic black box that can record data from the collision. This includes things like speed, position of the throttle, brake application, seatbelt settings, airbags, and steering wheel angles. 

2. Impact Locations

The location and angles of damage to both vehicles help sort out where each one was impacted. A car that was rear-ended would, of course, see damage to the rear bumper. However, the primary impact might be on one side or the other, indicating the specific direction of the car which caused it. 

3. Damage Extent

Higher-velocity collisions naturally cause more damage than lower-impact ones. This is an important factor to help determine the speed of both vehicles. Automakers test their vehicles to determine how much impact they can sustain before certain types of damage (such as creating an intentional crumple zone) occur. Damage beyond these guidelines often indicates higher speeds based on manufacturing data. 

4. Driver Movements

How did you and the other driver react to an impending accident? Reactions might indicate that a driver saw a hazard and tried to avoid it, whereas lack of reaction could mean they were not paying attention or were impaired. Driver actions are indicated in various ways. For instance, the direction of the steering wheel shows a turn, skid marks and heavy braking indicate attempts to stop, and backup indicator signals reveal who was in reverse. 

5. Manufacturer Defects

Could some defect in one of the vehicles have contributed to the accident? A thorough examination of the car by an automotive or forensic professional might reveal faulty devices, nonfunctional systems, weak parts, or parts that should have been recalled. Any of these might absolve you of liability or even open up new parties who could be held liable. 

Where to Start

What story can your car or others tell about your accident? Find out by meeting with a personal injury attorney in your state. They will work with you to find all the evidence available from this inanimate witness to your collision and present it to jurors if necessary. Make an appointment with auto accident attorney services today. 

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